UsingSL2Alcohol breathalyzer monitoring improves co-parenting relationships when there are concerns about one of the parent’s alcohol consumption. After one year of monitoring I sent two surveys, one to my Soberlink monitoring participants and one to the concerned parent. Thirteen monitoring participants and six concerned parents responded.

The questions pertinent to the co-parenting relationship included:




“Do you believe Soberlink has helped to improve your co-parenting relationship?”

“Do you believe using Soberlink has helped to demonstrate/prove your abstinence?”

“How much did you trust the other party’s abstinence prior to using Soberlink?”

“How much do you trust the other party’s abstinence now that they are or have used Soberlink?”


The responses are included in the graphs below.


Ninety percent of the concerned parents said yes, using Soberlink has improved the co-parenting relationship. Seventy-seven percent of the participants said yes, the co-parenting relationship improved using Soberlink.


In the area of trust, which is paramount to good co-parenting, sixty-seven percent of the concerned parents said they completely distrusted the participant’s abstinence prior to using Soberlink. Trust completely changed during the monitoring period. Almost all of the concerned parents who responded said that they somewhat trusted or very much trusted the participants abstinence who are or were using Soberlink.

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