iag seal largeThe Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at Harvard University, announced Outreach Smartphone Monitoring as one of the Top 25 programs in this year’s Innovations in American Government Awards competition.


Outreach Smartphone Monitoring (OSM) is an alcohol monitoring technology that is similar to the Soberlink alcohol monitoring technology. OSM system provides testing and monitoring software using the BacTrack breathalyzer device. OSM and BacTrack are two separate companies. Soberlink provides a complete service package (i.e., the device, testing and monitoring software and results analysis).

Regarding the family law population, both companies, Soberlink and OSM, place the alcohol monitoring in the hands of the user and concerned party. They do not provide clinical management of the monitoring process. More Than Recovery provides clinical management of the monitoring processing using the Soberlink device, testing and monitoring software and results analysis.

OSM entered the Harvard American Government Awards competition for the most innovative technology in 2017. They placed in the top 25 programs for using a “predictive technology to recognize changes in behavioral patterns by tapping into human/smartphone interaction.”

See the entire Ash Foundation Awards here: https://ash.harvard.edu/news/ash-center-announces-finalists-and-top-25-programs-innovations-american-government-award

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